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Almond Blossom

Almond Blossom, 1890 Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890).

On January 31, 1890, Theo wrote to Vincent of the birth of his son, whom he had named Vincent Willem. Van Gogh, who was extremely close to his younger brother, immediately set about making him a painting of his favorite subject: blossoming branches against a blue sky. The gift was meant to hang over the couple’s bed. As a symbol of this new life, Vincent chose an almond tree, which blooms early in southern regions, announcing the coming spring as early as February.

Almon Blossom - Van Gogh




Medetai Fish and Sasaki Bamboo – The first one of a series..

Today I painted Medetai Fish and Sasaki Bamboo, from the series Uozukushi (Every Variety of Fish) by Utagawa Hiroshige. The original is a polychrome woodblock print.

Utagawa Hiroshige was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist, considered the last great master of that tradition. He is best known for his landscapes, such as the series The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō and The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō and for his depictions of birds and flowers.

I think this picture is very funny and cheerful.



Here is the link to the original one:


I’m going to start!

Hi ,

This is today’s watercolor. I got the original from the MET Museum Collection. Below you’ll find the link to the original. I decided to start working with Japanese art as a reference.

Japanese prints are so beautifull and they have had a huge influence in art, especially between 1850-1920.



Here is the link: